How To Use Samsung Fingerprint Without Pressing Button

How To Use Samsung Fingerprint Without Pressing Button - The year 2017 is the year where almost all smartphone products use fingerprint, not least samsung. In addition to using fingerprints, samsung smartphone output in 2017, especially the 3rd and 4th quarter that has always been displayed always on display. But there are some Samsung samsung series that have to push the button first to open the screen using fingerprint. Some users may still feel comfortable with this method, but more users want to unlock the screen using fingerprints without having to press a button or turn on the screen first.

For that admin will share How to Use Samsung Fingerprint Without Pressing Button.

It only works on samsung smartphone that already supports always on display feature, in addition to samsung smartphone, can also be used on other smartphones that already support always on display feature.

This method uses a free app from playstore called tap2wake, so this way is legal and can be done on a smartphone that is in the root or not in the root.

How to Use Samsung Fingerless Button Press

1. Download the Tap2wake app

- Download from PlayStore

- Download from Google Drive

- Download Tap2wake Premium Free

For the premium version of Tap2wake there are more options, such as being able to hide the notification icon in the status bar and there are more custom icons.

2. Open tap2wake app and select start service

After activating tap2wake, you can also choose custom notification icon, there are many custom notification options, but my favorite icon is fingerprint, so in Always On Display there is no default icon that appears but also fingerprint icon.

3. Enable Always On Display

4. Press 2x on the tap2wake icon that is always on display to turn on the screen

5. After the screen turns on, you can use a pattern or fingerprint to open it

And now you can unlock the screen without pressing the button at all, it's easy right?

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