How to Get Live Message on Samsung's Phone

How to Get Live Message on Samsung's Phone - Live Message is an exclusive feature of the latest Samsung Note series. This feature was introduced simultaneously with the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, 2017. With this feature you can send messages with more varied, because this feature makes an uniqe animation. This feature can be regarded as a rival feature of IPhone X animoji, if you are interested to make animoji like IPhone X please visit How to Make Animoji Like IPhone X on Android.

Usually when we chat or send messages, we only use the default stickers or gif that available on internet, then what if we make our own unique stickers or gif so it can not be imitated by the others? That's interesting, right ? With this live message feature, we will be able to create a different uniqe gif by ourself.

This feature has been tried on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and run smoothly without any constraints. This feature can also be used on other Samsung's Phone just by installing the official application from Samsung. And yeah, this is an official application from Samsung, so the application is safe to use. To get this live message feature, we only need two applications, the Live Message application itself and also Samsung's keyboard application that already supports the Live Message feature.

In addition to create any gif writing or characters, this feature can also create any grafitti in the picture to make it more interesting when we try to sending a message.
Live Message
Live Message

Okay, lets get started.

1. Download the application first

The application used there are two applications that can be downloaded through the links that have been provided below.

Live message


2. After the two apps are downloaded (the extension from app is apk), please install them .

3. After both apps are installed successfully, and if you previously used third party keyboard then change your keyboard to samsung keyboard by going to settings> language and input> then select samsung's keyboard. If you are not using a third party keyboard app then skip this step and go to number 4.

4. Start from here you can already use live message feature as in Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

5. To use it you just need to open one of the instant messages as usual, then select the icon like the heart symbol beside the space bar.

How to Use Live Message
How to Use Live Message
6. After the heart icon will appear a colored area to write using live message, you can choose the type of pencil, writing color and background that will be used to make the live message more interesting again.

That's all tutorial How to Get Live Message on Samsung's Phone, hopefully this article can be helpful, and if there is a need to be discussed please write comments bellow.

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